Julien David Fall Ready-to-Wear Collection 2013

 Fall Outfits 2013 By  Julien David
For Julien David, it always starts with fabrics. "I was interested in pieces that were fluid, transparent, and lightweight, and mixing them with other, more textured materials—things with a hairy, woolly quality," he said backstage. That dichotomy could've set up a compelling push-pull, but the sheer stuff didn't quite measure up
to David's more substantial materials. The polka dot–embroidered mesh, for instance, only served to obscure what was one of his best ideas: a paparazzi print of camera-wielding photographers and cartoonlike flashes of light that he cut into blouses and cropped pants. If he hadn't skipped the mesh overlay on one button-down, you would've missed the clever print entirely. David has a real eye for pattern, and it would be good to see him develop his prints more in the future.