Jacquemus Fall Readu to Wear 2013 | Fall/Winter Outfits 2013

 Simon Porte Jacquemus Fall Ready to wear 2013 Paris
Jacquemus Fall 13 was an presented in Franc. this fall collection evident in Maroon ,white, red, gray, & blue. the attractive white shirt with a Tricolore pocket has an amazing look. Other standouts has cropped
crewneck jacket paired with a low-slung pleated skirt, sweater-skirt combos & a T-shirt dress with trompe bathing dress, it also has lots of navy & white pin-striped cotton which  is making this outfit more stylish.
It’s also worth noting that despite the fact that he now sells to twenty-five stores worldwide, including Opening Ceremony, the designer has kept his day job—he works in sales at Paris’ Comme des Garçons boutique.