Amazing Hair Styles- DIY

Have you ever looked at the mirror thinking it’s time for a change, but you really can’t point a finger to what needs to be change in your looks? have you ever had a friend telling you that your hair would look much better down? well maybe that’s because people have gotten tired seeing you with the same hair style every single day.
We, women, tend to get comfortable and do the same hair style everyday to school and work but believe me, you would feel much better with yourself if you spend only 5-10 minutes making a new hairstyle everyday; or at least once in awhile.
Enough with the ponytail and bun (which you see them everywhere nowadays-is not even funny). Maybe you don’t know where to get started or which hair style looks best in you and that suits your hair length-well that’s why I am here, to make all of you life’s easier.
I have collected ten amazing easy hair styles for you all to try it yourself. They all totally different from each other and can suit mostly to all hair lengths (as long as they are medium length or so). Enjoy and try something different for this sunny season