Blue Outfit Ideas

Unsure about which trend to follow this summer? Not anymore! Blue was announced months to be the color of the year 2013 and that’s for some good reasons.
From Cobalt, royal to baby: blue, this season gives you the chance to experiment with all different shades of blue until you find the one that matches better your personal style and skin tone.
For daily look, you can combine blue with colors such as black, grey, yellow, leopard prints and so on.
While for evenings or party I would recommend you match your blue dress or tops with gold, silver, black, sparkles, different shades of blue in one outfit and anything else you might find suitable.
The best way to match a blue dress for evenings is by wearing it with gold accessory, such as gold chain necklaces which are really in fashion for this year, but also gold watch or bracelets.
High heels are a must for evenings; you can keep the outfit simple by wearing with black heels or you can go for sparkly ones; depends on the event.