Mickey & Minnie Outfits 2013 for Women

You’re never too old for the amazing Disney characters!! Whether you’re a little girl or older, Mickey and Minnie will always have that special place in your heart. A mum and her girl can equally get attracted to a Mickey or Minnie top… we all know it’s true especially if the top has an attractive design and comes in beautiful colors. For this, sabaia style is presenting an awesome collection of Mickey & Minnie outfits for 2013 for all the ladies out there that love these timeless cartoon characters regardless of their age. The Mickey & Minnie tops presented here come in different designs; they can be three-quarter sleeved, sleeveless, strapless or with short sleeves. Since Mickey & Minnie are most of the time drawn in red and black, you might notice that most of the outfits include pretty much the same colors: red, black and grey.